Human Skills & Resources

Providing quality community-based,
rehabilitative services to individuals
needs, through counseling services,
education and advocacy.


Human Skills& Resources Therapeutic Foster Care provides family living and specialized therapeutic services to Medicaid eligible children and youth (ages 3 to 18) who otherwise would be in institutional or residential group settings

Scope of Practice: Therapeutic Foster Care

  1. 1. Population(s) served Children ages 3-18 who meet the Medical Necessity criteria set by the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority, as it relates to Behavioral Health issues. They typically are in state custody.

  2. 2. Settings: Services are provided in the homes of families who have been certified by HSR as Therapeutic Foster Parents. Special training and background investigations are preservice requirements.

  3. 3. Hours of services: The service is provided around the clock as a living experience with therapeutic supports.

  4. 4. Days of services: Every day

  5. 5. Frequency of services: Some services are daily, others are weekly and as needed.

  6. 6. Payer Sources: Combination of room and board payments from the state, and, Medicaid for therapeutic services as provided.

  7. 7. Fees: The room and board is typically set by the Federal government. Oklahoma Medicaid establishes payment rates for services provided.

  8. 8. Referral Sources: Department of Human Services, Office of Juvenile Affairs

  9. 9. Specific Services offered (including whether the services are provided directly or by referral): Our program is considered residential. The foster parents provide services related to improving social skills and living skills on a daily basis seven days per week. The licensed therapists are in the home weekly to provide individual and family therapies. Crisis intervention services are also available from the team around the clock. All services are directed by a comprehensive treatment plan developed related to the issues that led to the child’s meeting of the Medical Necessity criteria.

Program Philosophy

For those youth entrusted to our care, we are committed to providing the services that are required to restore them to their best functioning possible. This process involves working from a Treatment Plan developed by the TFC Team to determine those steps required to reach this goal.

We choose to follow those standards of the Child Welfare League where foster family services are designed to provide the kind of care that will be best suited to meet each individual childs social, emotional, physical and developmental needs. We would like to see that the child be returned to his family, whenever possible. When the originally identified family is not a possibility for a child, it is necessary to try another direction which will provide security and stability through alternate adoption, kinship care, relative placement, or independence.

The Heart of the Therapeutic Foster Care Program is clearly our Foster Parents/Therapist Team

These parents are recruited and specifically trained to work with these children. Licensed (or under supervision) Foster Care Therapists meet with the foster parents at least weekly to provide therapies, support and assistance in securing needed services.

Beyond standard foster family care, therapeutic foster family care provides individualized care and daily rehabilitative services so that children are able to move toward skills enhancement that will allow living in the least restrictive setting possible.

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